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Corporate Domain Management



Corporate .bd Registration & Domain Management
a.Nameserver management
b.Ensure your domain authorization ship and keep it safe from domain thief, DNS hijacker & spammer.
c.On behalf of you we will renew your domain yearly. It will save your time. You will never have to worry about the domain renewal process.
d.You will be able to update your nameserver instantly and DNS will be resolved within one day ( BTCL takes 3 - 4 business day to update the nameserver usually & one day to resolve the DNS)
Our system is more stable than the original BTCL system. So, you don’t have to worry
about the downtime of DNS server. If you use our pre made DNS system, it will super
charged your website and give
you the protection of the DNS.
You will be able to update/change your domain nameserver from our own control panel
  • 1.Professional Support
  • BTCL doesn’t provide END to END client support. If you take service from BTCL directly you have to manage your own system by yourself. In case you face any problem there will be no one to assist you.But if you take service from Greenweb, you will get 24x7 professional support over phone, live chat, support ticket & email.Besides the support we will do the following things for you
  • 2.Zero Downtime
  • 3.DNS Management Control Panel

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